About Waterbury

We are a place of uncommon ideas. Our innovations range from a small coffee roaster introducing the world to single serving warmth to ice cream scoops with funny names and strange flavors known all over the world. We are sculptors, artists, snowboard makers, chefs, farmers, and tea blenders connected to this place where your all-access pass is the passion you bring.

We are a place of uncommon energy. We are rethinking the way we power our businesses, homes, and buildings; exploring ways to have a bigger impact on our economy with a smaller footprint on the environment; and forging partnerships to become the greenest community in the Green Mountain State.

We are a place of uncommon welcome. Native Vermonters mix with newcomers that have discovered what a special place this is. They share a common purpose and a common belief – that this community will nurture our families, educate our children, and cultivate our friendships. We are an authentic place that is far from remote or isolated but at the very crossroads of life in the Green Mountain State.

We are a place of uncommon recreation. Our mountain bike trails, river walk, parks, and reservoir are unrivaled places to satisfy your greatest outdoor pursuits. Here, you can leave work and be on the slopes in less time than it takes to commute home in most places. Here, you can even engage in a friendly game of croquet in the dead of winter.

We are a place of uncommon connections. The food on the plates of our restaurants comes from the bounty of nearby farms and the beer in the glass at our pubs is brewed with a dose of magic just up the road. Food and farms make us a gathering place for people near and far who converge here to connect with one another and reconnect with what living in Vermont is all about.

We are a place of uncommon caring. Concern for our neighbors is built into our history as a place where those with challenging needs found help. Through a great flood we bound together with common purpose and brought our community back from devastation. Neighbors helping neighbors is simply part of who we are no matter how we found our way here.

We invite you to experience this place and feel the warmth of a genuine community. Savor our farm to table food; sip a glass of beer, a mug of coffee, or a cup of cider; travel our trails on foot or by bike; immerse yourself in our art; get a gift in our stores or food from our farms.

Experience our special place and our home: we are Waterbury, Uncommonly Vermont

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